Post Election Depression

I’m already feeling the end of the 2008 campaign.
I miss it.

I love the debate,
the focus on issues of substance,
the spike in emotional energy,
the writings of Christians about socialism and the NT, and the wondering if Christians understand either.

Here’s an idea: Let’s start engaging in debate about 2012. Will Joe the Plumber run for president?

What do you think?


One response to “Post Election Depression”

  1. KARLA ELISA Avatar

    Joe the Plumber on the Republican ticket for 2012?

    Initially I was going to say THAT’S a depressing thought….but really for a flaming left of center constituent, like myself, he’s really a perfect choice.

    Imagine the $ Obama would save on his campaign if that’s the GOP’s best man for the job!

    Please see to it that this happens.

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