Good Times

The IMN’s 7-Day Mentoring Immersion, H209, and Voxtropolis (USA) 2009 are now behind us. Whew. That was a lot of work AND and lot of fun. The photos will be up soon. Immediately after these events I experience a kind of lull. It sure is quiet here now with everyone returned to their homes.

Wednesday and Thursday of this week I teach at the National Pastor’s Conference in San Diego. I’ll return on Friday and sleep till Monday.

Then the fun begins again — The BETA Immersion, H209, and Voxtropolis in Sheffield (UK) scheduled for the end of September/beginning of October will appear dead center on my radar.

Good times.

See you in the mystic…


6 responses to “Good Times”

  1. John Gnotek Avatar

    Some photos for H209 can be viewed at:

    Click on thumbnail photos for full screen photos.

  2. Sam. Avatar

    Sounds like it was a blast! Gutted to have missed it but blown away by the arrival of baby Eloise. Be good to catch up on Skype soon re plans for Sheffield.

  3. Tim McCollum Avatar
    Tim McCollum

    Soaking up the ideas and concepts at the Human Event was refreshing and a very worth while experience.

    One question, however. When it comes to innovation and the church, where is the line drawn? In other words,when does innovation go too far? Is this even possible?

  4. Alex McManus Avatar

    Hey Tim. Good to hear from you. Innovation for innovations sake may be fun but…one way to look at innovation and the church is to ask, at what point do we stop innovating to make the world better?

  5. Tim McCollum Avatar
    Tim McCollum

    Alex, I would have to say,then,that we don’t stop–so, in one sentence it seems you’ve set aside allot of irrelevant theology.

    I had allot of difficulty at the Event connecting “Humanity” with “Christianity.” I finally understood the change of narrative: Christ came to make us human (like he intended from the beginning), not to teach Christianity (Yes, I read “Taking a Walk on the Human Side.).

    I guess the question for me now is, “where do I begin?” At 50 I feel like I’m starting all over again…



  6. John Gnotek Avatar

    Dude, you’re 50? That’s like old!

    Anyway, good inquires. Yesterday I heard a very good story which I’ve already quoted:

    Legend has it that when John the Apostle was near his end, his disciples brought him to a gathering to speak gospel truth to the crowd. In his old, feeble age, John distilled the gospel Truth to this statement, “Jesus (God) is love.”

    Martin Luther King Jr said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can.” Another gospel truth.

    So I think it would be kind of innovative to teach LOVE. Teach people to truly love and they will rise righteously to whatever occasion presents itself. Whether that’s an occasion of need, of acceptance, of mending, of reaching—whatever.

    Filter perspectives through love and it’s easy to truly “see” what we should NOT be doing—and that’s innovative. We may see homo-bashing is tainted with hate. Not godly. We may see war in its truly violent nature—very unChrist-like. We may see John speaking in his letters that not helping a brother in need when we have the means to do so—is ungodly. We may see the world in a clearer light, and that’s innovative.

    Regardless of what it means or may do, I don’t think you can go wrong by teaching people to love. I think if that’s the core seed you plant, the fruit will be bountiful and robust. But it’s a garden to be continuously watered and tilled. Weeds can quickly strangle an unattended garden, no matter the seed planted.

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