Kevin Sutherland engaging the conversation at the Human Event
Kevin Sutherland engaging the conversation at the Human Event

Last week at the IMN’s 7-Day Mentoring Immersion my friend, Kevin Sutherland, offered a provocative idea. He said that he had decided not to participate in the recession.

“You can do that?” I asked.

“We’re planning on giving more this year than we did the year before,” he said.

I was definitely inspired.

As a result of Kevin’s leadership, we too have decided that we will not participate in the recession. Instead, we’re going to proceed not only as scheduled but step it up a bit. One shape our lack of cooperation with the recession will take is to schedule multiple “7-Day Mentoring Immersions” for 2010.

We’re still in the early stages of dreaming and we have to get the IMN Lead team together to sort of the details but at present we’re looking at 3 to 4 opportunities. Prospective cities are Sacramento, Pasadena, Montreal, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Orlando, and Miami.

But 2009 is still not over and we’re now turning to hammer out the details for the BETA H209 in the UK. This is scheduled for the end of September/ beginning of October and will coincide with the BETA of Voxtropolis in the UK.

Thanks, Kevin. See you in the Mystic…


4 responses to “Inspired words for economically challenged times…”

  1. Parepidemos Avatar

    I love that idea– I won’t participate in the recession either. I refuse to “recede” into a little shell of fear. I will press ahead in my business as if there is great market share to win (there may be!), and press ahead in caring for others as if I had more strength and energy than last year (I may have!).

    And I look forward to an IMN in Pasadena soon! Let me know if I can help with that.

    1. Alex McManus Avatar

      I hear you, Nic. Now there are 4 of us.

  2. Scott Swauger Avatar
    Scott Swauger

    I attended your Orlando event a few weeks ago. Brian Russell spoke about a friend who initiated a meeting that he labeled “The Shack Conversations”. I’m trying to do the same here in Denver, and would like to talk to Brian to perhaps get the persons name so I can visit with him. Could you send me Brians e-mail address. Also just wanted to thank you again for the Orlando experience. Best conference I’ve ever been to, one that is changing the way I react with the world.

    1. Alex McManus Avatar

      Hey Scott, I’m glad you enjoyed the Human Event. I want to invite you to join M. M is the IMN’s social network and a great way to stay in the loop. Talk to you soon.

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