5 thoughts on “Twitter

  1. I sort of disagree. They are for different purposes. Blogs are for more lengthy dialog, whereas Twitter is for short bursts of thought. Personally, I don’t understand the attraction of Twitter. Why do I care what others are doing every moment of the day, and why do I care to tell others about such things?

  2. Thanks all….

    Rob, Yes that’s true today. But when blogs first came out, we used them for shorts bursts and reserved longer articles for our ezines. In fact, some offered then the same critique about blogs that you offer for twitter now. Today, blogs have replaced ezines and twitter has replaced blogs. But you’re right…because twitter limits the number of words per tweet, it forces us to use it as a pointer to content or as a source of meaningless but very personal updates.

    Chris, yes, I will twitter more, but I will blog more too. I’ll simply adjust for their different purposes like Rob suggests.

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