One thought on “Music – How Life Change in the Last Decade (7)

  1. This is so true, at least in my household and among my sons’ friends. And I don’t understand it– youtube seems so buggy and low-quality compared to vimeo and certainly compared to any high-quality music streaming like spotify or pandora, or top-quality downloads from itunes. But yes, they browse youtube, watching music videos and learning lyrics to their favorite songs, and then clicking on whatever youtube thinks might be a similar song-video, and discovering new artists that way– the look and the sound simultaneously making that crucial first impression.

    And when they have culled the new artists/songs down to the ones they like most of all, THEN they download the album or song on iTunes or add it to spotify or make a pandora station out of it.

    Fascinating… I just buy a CD from the artist when I see them in concert, or performing on the sidewalk. Or I listen to my kids’ music. 😉 Yaay Lindsay Stirling!

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