The Night Sky in 7 Billion Years

Because some things are so beautiful….

2 responses to “The Night Sky in 7 Billion Years”

  1. Alex McManus Avatar

    The night sky is one of the backdrops against which humans began to ask deep questions about existence. So many of us are so separated from our natural contexts that we forget just how big, how majestic, how beautiful, how terrifying, and how mysterious our universe is.

  2. John Gnotek Avatar

    Next time at the beach, grab a big hand full of sand and imagine a star for each grain of sand in your hand. Then look up and down the beach imagining a star for each grain. Then imagine all the grains of sand on all the beaches on earth. THAT’s how many stars are in our Milky Way Galaxy. Then there are that many galaxies in the universe. And I would venture to ponder, that many universes as well. Awesome beyond comprehension.

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