What is M?

8 responses to “What is M?”

  1. i love the idea of the dynamic now, where we have every opportunity to bring into existence the unrealized (maybe even unimagined) future. you continue to rock the house, alex!

    1. Thanks Patrick! Yes, the user interface known as “now” is dynamic and responsive to human input… except when it isn’t.
      🙂 It’s an adventure.

  2. Love it. We are the middle people, between what was and what is to be.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Geoffrey. Thanks for extending the insight. Nice.

  3. The Greek alphabet observation puts us squarely in the middle, but the timeline of the universe DRAMATICALLY emphasizes all the “middle time” we have been given. With such an abundant middle, and such a giant universe, I look forward to exploring and enjoying as much of the universe as I can before the whole thing expires.

    1. Nic, Exactly. I feel the same way. Only wish I could be there.

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