“Print” — How Life Changed in the Last Decade (2)

Ten years ago we built houses and printed posters.
Today we print houses.

What we imagine when we hear the word “print” has expanded. 3D printing is one of the next big things to shape the evolution of the human experience. The attempt to be first to print a house will be undertaken by Dutch architect studios, Universe Architecture. The 3D printer is estimated to take 18 months to print the house.

Source: Architecture and Design eZine: deZeen

Summer Fruit — How Life Changed in the Last Decade (1)

Just a little more than 10 years ago, blackberries were this…

and then in 2002
they became this…

Do a google search and click “images” and you’ll find the first few hundred images are the phone. Really? The summer fruit was here for tens of thousands of years before the “blackberry” phone (which is almost extinct) and it’s great in pies. How life can change in just ten years.