The World in a Strand

The idea was conceived in a pub. Why not store the world’s digital data on strands of DNA? After all, they last practically forever as attested to by DNA samples from Mammoth and Neanderthal finds. And, according to the Economist article, Test Tube Data, their data storage idea could store all of the world’s existing digital data and still have plenty of room for more.

The Muslim poet Rumi wrote, “You are not just a drop in the ocean. You are the mighty ocean in a drop.” Will we now begin to pour the ocean (of digital data) into the drop (DNA)?

Printing a House — Things That Could Happen in the Next Decade 2

As a follow up to my last post in the “How Life Changed in the Last Decade” Series,
In the second of “Things That Could Happen in the Next Decade” series, I move from the change in the way we use the word “print” to the projection that by 2014 our species will witness the completion of the first printed building…not an image of a house on a page, but an actual 3-Dimensional building.

This marks a huge leap in the experience of our species. Eventually will we print living organs for transplants? Will we eventually print other living things?

The link below is to the video about humanity’s first printed building and the process of printing it. Enjoy.

1000 Years Old (2) — Eight Ways Longer Lives Will Change Us

My last post on Human Longevity touched on the prospects of a scientific breakthrough in the area of human longevity. It was based on a lecture by Aubrey de Grey, a biomedical gerontologist and chief science officer of the SENS Foundation, which I heard in San Francisco last December.

Embedded in an article about Human Longevity written by Aubrey de Grey, The Futurist magazine includes a summary of 100 Plus by Sonia Arrison, Pacific Research Institute senior fellow and a founder of Singularity University, called 8 Ways Longer Lives Will Change Us. I’ve included the list below. Continue reading

“Print” — How Life Changed in the Last Decade (2)

Ten years ago we built houses and printed posters.
Today we print houses.

What we imagine when we hear the word “print” has expanded. 3D printing is one of the next big things to shape the evolution of the human experience. The attempt to be first to print a house will be undertaken by Dutch architect studios, Universe Architecture. The 3D printer is estimated to take 18 months to print the house.

Source: Architecture and Design eZine: deZeen