List #3 of Topics at HUMANA 2.08

I’ve asked Thorsten Moritz (vita below) to consider the following topics of conversation at HUMANA 2.08. These are based
on conversations with Thorsten over the last couple of years.

# Why single leadership in a church is unbiblical (based on Thorsten’s challenge that there are no single leaders in the scriptures) (and maybe even unhealthy).
# Single and Plural Leadership from a biblical perspective
# Why what we call church is not church (based on our conversation last Feb about the mistake of calling our Sunday morning gatherings a church)
# What is a church and what is her mission?
# Why mega churches fail the definition of what it means to be a church

THORSTEN MORITZ. Over the past 11 years, Thorsten Moritz has taught at the University of Gloucestershire, England; Leipzig University and the Freie Theologische Akademie, both in Germany; as well as in five Romanian cities. He authored a monograph about hermeneutics in Ephesians, A Profound Mystery, and articles on the gospels, Ephesians, hermeneutics, and consumerism. He is currently writing the Mark commentary for the Two Horizons commentary series as well as another monograph on New Testament ecclesiology. His professional associations include the Tyndale Fellowship (Cambridge, England), the Arbeitskreis fur evangelikale Theologie (Tubingen, Germany), and the Society of Biblical Literature. Thorsten and his family currently live in St. Paul, Minnesota.

There’s still time to Register for HUMANA 2.08/ Orlando, Fl/ Feb 6-7.


Bethel Seminary’s DMin

Hollywood, Ca

I’m in LA because this week I met for the last time with my Doctor of Ministry cohort from Bethel Seminary. I’ve immensely enjoyed co-leading this cohort with my brother, Erwin, and getting to know the leaders that are a part of it. At the end of the week, one of the students put it something like this: It’s kind of like camp when you’re a kid. You want to go home but you’re already missing the experience.


The program is focused on “Creating an Entrepreneurial Ethos, Developing the Art of Improvisation, and Discipling Innovation”.

Thanks to Sam Rima, director of Bethel’s Doctor of Ministry program, and Erwin McManus, Cultural Architect of Mosaic, for inviting me to contribute. My part is over. But, the cohort now continues their work of writing, writing and rewriting. Best to all of you.

See you in the Mystic…


Have you heard about M? [Check out the video below].

The blogging cyber city,, teams up with M to provide an internet experience and cyber community like none other in the galaxy. Everyone is welcome to M regardless of whether you blog or not [or, reside as a blogger in Voxtropolis or not]. If you are a Voxtropolitan [or blogger in general], you can post on your Voxtropolis blog and set up your M to pick up the feed. So, you post once and get heard twice. Check out the video below for a sense of where it’s all going. Click here to enter the M now. Click here for your free blog in Voxtropolis.

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Amazing Week

One of the most amazing IMN 7-Day Mentoring Immersions, the first in Florida, has now concluded. The next 7-Day Immersion this year is ramping up for Los Angeles, California beginning on April 26 and concluding on May 2.
Apply now if you’re interested in being a part of the 2007 cohort.


The new IMN conference was spectacular in every way. The International Mentoring Network set a very high bar for experience design and production. David Arcos of Mosaic in Los Angeles and Leader of the Urban Poets told us: “This is by far the coolest venue we’ve ever danced in”.

The Voxtropolis World Music Jam at House Blend Cafe was a hit. Stay tuned to for video of the event featuring Jason Sharp, Jettison Never and Chasing Jonah.

See you in the mystic,


Culture Code – Part 3

American Culture, Shopping, and Christmas


I hate to shop.
My wife loves to shop.
That’s marriage.

Cultural Anthropologist and Marketing Guru, Clotaire Rapaille, writes (The Culture Code) about why people around the world live and buy as they do. Each culture, he tells us, has a code that if discovered can tap into the deep unconscious impulses that motivate our behavior.
So let’s dip our toe into the cold deep water of culture and test out what a deeply American activity like “shopping” might mean. The American Culture Code for shopping, according to Rapaille, is “RECONNECTING WITH LIFE.”

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