The Newest Mission Field

This article is about an extraordinary opportunity that may be emerging before our very eyes. You may, at first, not take it seriously. But keep reading. After a few minutes, your stomach will tighten and go sour as you realize that God may call your children or grandchildren to boldly go where no others have gone before.

So here we go… How would you like to lead a team on mission to Mars? Think mid 2030s…that’s more or less the time frame that tech visionary Elon Musk has in mind to begin the colonization of Mars.


We’re not talking here of a skeleton crew of a half dozen making a voyage to Mars and back. We’re talking about one million citizens of earth with a one way ticket.

Don’t doubt it. The race for Mars is on. India just placed a satellite in Mars orbit last month. Elon Musk, who owns SpaceX, has previously set the year 2026 as the target date for a manned excursion to the Red Planet. The Mars One project has received some 200,000 applicants for their colonization strategy. They plan to start sending crews of 4 starting in 2024. Now, recently, Elon Musk has called for a Million Person March to Mars.

Imagine sending people, one hundred at a time, to terra-form, raise families, live out their lives, and finally die upon another planet. If anything like this happens, Elon Musk may be the most significant leader of the 21st century. And he may be creating one of the greatest mission opportunities of the 22nd century. In the same way that we challenge our young adults to relocate around the world that they might benefit the nations, we should begin to cultivate among our youth the skills to be among the One Million.

I wrote Makers of Fire to help reorient the church towards the future.

I wrote Makers of Fire to help reorient the church towards the future that we might have greater impact in the present. Alex McManus

Perhaps now, when someone feels called to service, we should point them towards cross disciplinary programs that include the sciences. We should encourage them to master their bodies, so that they are fit enough to endure the hazardous journey between our two planets, to immerse themselves in the STEM disciplines, and to master wilderness survival strategies and techniques. (Though, the Mars colony, to be sure, will also need artists!) Whether or not they ever leave this planet, this will benefit the church. Especially those churches that are left behind on Earth (no reference to the movie intended).

Many Christians today live in the world as if it were 1858 – the year before Darwin published On the Origin of Species. Many of them believe the earth is young, that animals didn’t suffer and die for millions of years before “the fall,” and that humans are not part of the animal kingdom.

They haven’t grasped the fact that evolutionary theory strengthens and gains explanatory power with every passing year. And the world has moved far beyond just evolutionary biology and space travel. The race for genetic enhancements will be to the 21st century what the race to the moon was to the 20th. The age of the X-men is here. We will continue to see a merger between humans and technology, the organic with the synthetic. This is what I call the Orgathetic Future.

This may lead to the creation of different species of humans in the future, as there were in the past. We will see the resurrection of extinct species and we may discover signs of extraterrestrial life on one of the many Earth-like planets now being discovered. Robust Human rejuvenation may extend our life spans into the hundreds of years and beyond.

Because parts of the church resisted the new discoveries being made about God’s world and universe, others were able to frame these discoveries along secular lines. As a result, the church is unintelligible to many who do not yet believe. In fact, I wrote a book that is scheduled to come out November 15 titled, MAKERS OF FIRE: the spirituality of leading from the future, because many churches are drowning and need the air that turning towards the future will bring.

So here is another chance to move the church into the 21st century and beyond. As we become a multi-planetary species, the church will become multi-planetary as well. But we have to refresh and update our love for science and engage this science with open minds and hearts empowered by the spirit. Our theology, the way we talk about our story and the unique and precious journey we are on with Christ, needs to match the moment. Rather than resisting, let’s go mobile. Let’s follow Christ… to Mars and beyond. Alex McManus Author, Makers of Fire: the spirituality of leading from the future

What’s happening in the mystic…

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I’ve been meeting with a couple of hundred women and men,
some deeply embedded in dangerous and harsh fields.

I’ve listened to first hand accounts of Muslims traveling
by the cover of night for a chance to hear of the mystic…

of mystic warriors traveling by camel over the most
hostile terrains for the chance to guide others towards the mystic…

of soldiers blinded by a mystic light and kept from
seeing recent converts hiding in nearby quarters for months at a time…

of radically converted guides changing from one set of clothes to another seconds before authorities came to arrest them…and escaping capture.

I’ve been teaching on the subject of spiritual warfare and spiritual wellness…

but I’ve been learning too. And remembering.

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photos: giraffes running; me on safari in search of the mystic; death waiting; chameleon; tall tree; red tree. photos: Lucas McManus, Alex McManus.

into the mystic…

Alex McManus

The Way of The Mystic — Glossary

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I’m at London’s Heathrow airport on my way to Kenya. We flew in overnight from LA on a British Airways 747. The pic below is me and youngest son, Lucas Daniel, during our four wait for our flight to Nairobi. Here are some thoughts from a recently discovered and little known source called The Way of The Mystic.

The Way of The Mystic –Glossary

mys·ti·cism n 1. the belief that personal communication or union with the divine is achieved through intuition, faith, ecstasy, or sudden insight rather than through rational thought 2. a system of religious belief or practice that people follow to achieve personal communication or union with the divine 3. vague or unsubstantiated thought or speculation about something (The Encarta World English Dictionary)

The Way of The Mystic: on Mysticism…
Within the world of the mystic, however, there is as much distaste for “unsubstantiated thought or speculation” as there is for blind faith in “rationalism”. The mystic warrior becomes a mystic because he must …based on a supernatural connection with the primal heartbeat of the universe. The simple fact they live with is that what they have come to know is a gift. Their way has been given to them. (Source: The Way of The Mystic)

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into the mystic…

Alex McManus
copyright, 2006.

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mystic church In search of the mystic. Can you find the sign?

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  • MUST SEE movie/documentary: Born Into Brothels -2005 rated R . If you appreciated Crash, you will be m o v e d by Born Into Brothels. It will help you remember why doing something to make the world a better place matters.

behindthemyst21.jpg in search between Brussels and London.

into the mystic…

Alex McManus

2005-04-02 16:35:00

Ground speed: 475 miles per hour.
Altitude: 36,000 feet
Outside Temperature: -76 degrees Fahrenheit

Thursday: Lufthansa Airlines is the first airline in the world to offer in-flight wireless Internet. However, my battery is about out so I’ll have to finish this and send it a bit later. At this writing I’m somewhere over the mid Atlantic on my way home to Los Angeles from Germany. Except for a day and a half of sickness, I had an excellent time in Europe. Met with a very cool group of world changers there. Looking forward to telling you all about it and seeing some of them join our growing community here at my blog.

Friday: Starting Monday…the seven distinct “action logics” of leadership.

into the mystic…

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