On Preparing for Change…

In 2008 the Pew research group asked a group of us how much change we thought there would be in the 21st century compared to the 20th century?

We were given three options. How would you have voted?                                                           

UnknownChange in the 20th century was rapid. Think of the fact that at the beginning of the century, we could not yet fly. The Wright Brothers had their first successful flight in 1903. Then, 63 years later in 1969, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. That’s blazing fast change happening. How many of you remember the world before email?  How many of you have actually used a landline to make a call? How many of you used to read an actual newspaper with your morning coffee? Those things all seem so long ago. When it comes to change, the 20th century was a blur. How fast will change come in the 21st century?

I think that “We will see more change in the next 100 years than we have in our first two million” as a species (from Makers of Fire, June 2014). The technology behind drones is outpacing the technology behind mobile phones. (And think about how they changed in the last five years). Soon, UAVs (think flying robots) will take to our commercial airspace. The race for genetic enhancements will be for the 21st century what the space race was for the 20th. And much, much more….I’m not sure that we’re prepared for the changes we will see in the next 10 years much less 100. How are you preparing for change?

What do you think?

(PS. I’ll post the answer the Pew Research Group gave us on the follow up post, On Preparing for Change – 2.)

“Print” — How Life Changed in the Last Decade (2)

Ten years ago we built houses and printed posters.
Today we print houses.

What we imagine when we hear the word “print” has expanded. 3D printing is one of the next big things to shape the evolution of the human experience. The attempt to be first to print a house will be undertaken by Dutch architect studios, Universe Architecture. The 3D printer is estimated to take 18 months to print the house.

Source: Architecture and Design eZine: deZeen

Summer Fruit — How Life Changed in the Last Decade (1)

Just a little more than 10 years ago, blackberries were this…

and then in 2002
they became this…

Do a google search and click “images” and you’ll find the first few hundred images are the phone. Really? The summer fruit was here for tens of thousands of years before the “blackberry” phone (which is almost extinct) and it’s great in pies. How life can change in just ten years.