The Human Event – Michigan

Join us at Kensington Community Church (Troy, Michigan) on October 13-14 for a 2-day conversation on the future of the church in the post-Christian and Trans-human 21st century west.

Neil Cole (Organic Church)
Alex McManus (M Network)

and You.

Who is the Human Event for? Forward thinking, missional activists, thinkers, and leaders. If you think that may be you, it’s you.

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Mega Church and Home Church Networks: Twin Trajectories and Why We Need Them Both

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There seem to be two leadership trajectories in the west. The first seems to be characterized by the recent phenomena of mega churches in the world. The majority of church conferences today are focused on this reality. The essence of these conference experiences seems to be a kind of corporate leadership guide for aspiring Executives of Corporate churches. Each conference introduces a new inductee to the role of mega church pastor-hood.

The excitement this type of environment creates for some makes others yawn.
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