ORIGINS — the MOSAIC leadership experience 2006

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Origins discount expires on March 15
Just a reminder for those of you planning on registering for ORIGINS 2006. The early adoptor discount expires on March 15. In other words, the price goes up after that. Get over to the ORIGINS – The Mosaic Leadership Conference web site to register.

Killer Student Rate and Limited Housing Available Now
Are you a student 28 years old or younger? There is a killer student rate of of $79.00.
If you’re a student we also got a line on some inexpensive “dorm style” student housing. You must be registered for the conference to qualify. This limited housing option will go very quickly. I’d hurry. To get on the list for student housing, register and then mail me at

Thanks to all of you who have emailed me concerning the negative opinion piece written by Brannon Howse on the Christian Worldview Network website titled: Bethel College and Seminary, The McManus Brothers, Mysticism and the Emerging Church. I’ve decided to publish below the reply I’ve consistently given to those who ask for my take. Enjoy.

My Response
“Thanks for bringing the editorial to my attention. I guess I would have to say that I liked the piece. It really helped me understand what’s going on around here.” –Alex

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  • The Mystic Leader’s Crash Course — Part 3

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Alex McManus


5 responses to “ORIGINS — the MOSAIC leadership experience 2006”

  1. Nathan Avatar

    Wow, I just read Brannon Howse’s article. Just for fun I read through several other articles written by him. It’s sad that the Kingdom of God has people set against it that claim to be an avid supporter and participant. It’s bizarre that a brother in Christ would seek to debase those who are dedicated followers, devoted to continuing the work of Christ in this generation. Maybe they fear what they don’t understand. Maybe they’re afraid we’ll liberate people from the ignorant, war-mongering Gospel they purport that funds their ministries who do more harm than good for the cause of Christ.

    I don’t mean to sound frustrated, but I came OUT of that tradition. It breaks my heart to see hard hearted men who SAY they are about the mission of Christ, only to watch them destroy and slander rather than build up the Kingdom.

  2. Mel Avatar


    Maybe someday we will all understand each other. I hope so– because the guy who wrote that article and I sure don’t understand each other right now. I prayed about it and asked whether he might be right about some of the things he said. But it comes down to this: of course, my God is mystical. If my God could be proved and understood and reasoned out and had no mystery to him, he wouldn’t be very big. Certainly not big enough for the problems in a topsy-turvey, screwed-up world with pain and death and shades of grey.

    Ah, well. Someday. In the meantime I give you a gift– not that it is mine to give you. But for what it’s worth, I give you the Scarlet Pimpernel, my second favorite hero and my second favorite fool:

    “Don’t hold back your step for a moment / Never doubt that your courage will grow / Hold your head even higher / as into the fire we go!”

    Misunderstandings — Disagreements — Adventures — Mystery — Intrigue — Danger — Rescuing people from the brink of death. Bring it on! The difference? The Pimpernel saved the innocent. We go to save the guilty.

    And no magazine article can change that.

  3. Kirk Schneemann Avatar


    Your minimalistic response to the Howse editorial is gracious.

    Keep creating the future!

    “Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.”

    -1Corinthians 15:58

  4. Bonny Avatar

    Your response made me smile.

  5. Kristi Cornwell Avatar

    Are there any discounts for active miliatary personnel?


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