Day 1, 2011

Welcome back. You belong here.
I moved to Michigan last year and love it. That’s nothing new for me. I’ve loved everywhere I’ve lived.

People make a place. Sometimes we say that because the place itself is lacking. That’s not the case here. Michigan can feel lonely, with its cold and magically quiet winters, but there is beauty here.

Walking distance from my home is the bridge. A bridge is a mystical element that connects one place to another. On the other side? A magical lamp stand.

As I was out shooting this morning, I met two men about to set out on an adventure. They set off into the river that flows beneath the bridge. Flowing underneath a bridge is another way to get from one side to another, from the mundane to the mystery that is out there.

The only thing better than taking this shot would be to be the guy in the river. That’s Day 1, 2011. See you in the mystic…

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