A while back I took Niza, my wife, and Lucas, my son, to visit the gatherings of a young church planter I’m working with in Detroit. My wife, Niza, instantly connected with their vibe and determined to harness her creative energies there (Awakenings Movement Detroit).

It turns out that Day 2 of 2011 is a Sunday. So here’s a shot of Lucas (aka DJ Maudib), who DJs his original beats at Awakenings every chance he gets, with three curious onlookers.


Here’s a shot of an Awakenings Movement personality…a Dad, wearing a red sweater, with his son hanging from his hands in the bottom of the shot. Niza was handing out programs as people came in and is blurred in the distant background. The shot is really about the father and son and I love how the blurring of the space both in front and behind of my subject serve to make him stand out.


That’s Day 2, 2011. See you in the Mystic…


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